Juego Sports resolves past solution
challenges with GenieTech

MAKATI CITY­ — Juego Sports, a local company engaged in sports retail recently chooses Microsoft Dynamics and Retail Pro simultaneously with Genie Technologies Inc. (GenieTech) to resolve past challenges, including operational efficiencies, challenges in controls and ineffective POS system.

When asked about the commonly encountered challenges with regards to solutions, Managing Director of Juego Sports ­ Sporting Goods, Sherwin Oranga said, “versatility and robustness”. As time goes by, they recognize the necessary reports, processes, and functionalities that the current solutions are lacking. The inadequacy hinders the fulfillment of the requirements of the business. With this, they needed additional configuration efforts that resulted in further inefficiencies, poor controls, and extra costs. With the flexible configuration capability of Retail Pro, the local company’s current solutions will be replaced with builtin statistics and KPIs for inventory items and customers resolving the company’s need for data transparency, accuracy, and completeness. As what Juego Sports consultant Daniel Rupinta reiterated, they need timely and accurate data that will enable the company to meet its operations and sales targets and ultimately the company s long­term goals.


Retailers’ internal and external communication strategies evolve as the consumer media changes. Part of being able to have effective marketing and reaching out to the market is having a solid foundation of communication. These consumers stay loyal to a product not only because of the benefits they get from it but also because of the availability and convenience to acquire the product.



About Genie Technologies
Genie Technologies Inc. is the Gold Partner and 2016-2017 JDA Partner of the Year for Asia and the Pacific. Over the years, the company has established itself as the leading retail management software solution provider for retail customers in the Philippines and Indonesia. It has provided impressive end-to-end Retail and Financial solutions to a growing list of highly satisfied clientele with its proven expertise across Retail, Supply Chain and Financial verticals and categories. It ensures the provision of a comprehensive, fully integrated, industry-proven business solution to maximize its clients’ business growth, proven by the successful implementation of several projects, not just in the retail industry, but in various industries as well.