JDA Retail Planning


If you’ve set your sights on becoming a category captain, look no further. With JDA’s Category Management solution, driving category sales and margins has never been easier. Manufacturers can now collaborate with retailers to create localized assortments and planograms for store-level execution. By leveraging analytics-driven insights about shopper behaviors at the macro and local market level, you’ll be able to develop localized, actionable assortment plans for more profitable growth.

The Customer is at The Heart of Today’s Changing Retail Environment

Increasing Costs and Pressure on margins - returns

Omni-Channel Impact on Physical Stores

Change in Customer Behaviour and Expectations

Product Proliferation and Shrinking Product Lifecycles-Continous Innovation

Usage of Consumer Insight in the Planning Cycle

Rapid TechnologyInnovations


In the omni-channel world, your assortments need to vary by channel, and by individual store, to meet diverse consumer needs. But how canyou profitably and efficiently accomplish this? The answer is JDA Allocation. This industry-leading solution enables you to custom-tailor your merchandise, even by size, based on the way consumers are actually shopping your stores. Even your toughest merchandise planning challenges — such as new stores and promoted items — can be conquered with JDA Allocation.


  • Execution to current demand and capacity via store grading
  • No-touch auto allocation for maximum productivity
  • Real-time monitoring via dashboards


  • Improved margins as merchandise is matched to stores on a priority basis
  • Reduced markdowns and lost sales
  • Increased distribution flexibility based on need calculations


Today you can’t afford to get your product assortments wrong. Consumers simply have too many other purchasing options. But JDA Assortment can help, by linking buying decisions to actual consumer profiles — removing the guesswork to drive higher sales and margins across all your channels. This powerful solution combines in-depth analytics, consumer purchase preferences, complete assortment life cycle planning, and sizing and pre-pack optimization into one simple, easy-touse workflow.


  • Omni-channel intelligence to deliver supply chain aware shared inventory
  • Holistic item life cycle planning to manage all merchandise types
  • Analytic insights to reveal trends and opportunities


  • Targeted, consumer-centric assortments
  • Automatic in-season re-forecasting for maximum responsiveness
  • Improved revenues and margins via localized strategies

Demand Planning

Predicting demand is hard work. And with shorter product lifecycles, expanding assortments, multiple channels and frequent promotions, you might wish you had a crystal ball to figure out today’s savvy shoppers. Now you don’t need one. With JDA Demand, you can simplify your demand planning process and create an integrated planning framework that supports multiple forecasting methods. With one synchronized view of demand, predicting the future just got easier!


  • Multi-level, multi-channel forecast management
  • Automated demand classification and statistical forecasting algorithms
  • Promotion and event intelligence
  • Web-based demand planning for collaboration with external trading partners


  • Improved forecasting accuracy and planning cycle time
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved inventory availability
  • Increased effectiveness of pricing and promotions

Enterprise Planning

It’s no secret that retailers are struggling to earn a profit in today’s omni-channel marketplace. But profitability doesn’t happen by accident. You have to strategically manage every execution activity with your top-level financial goals in mind — from vendor selection through inventory clearance. JDA Enterprise Planning leverages consumer demand to create sales and inventory goals that maximize profitability, optimize inventory and minimize financial risk across every channel and key product area.


  • Exception-managed planning paradigm, to maximize planner productivity and focus
  • Omni-channel intelligence, enabling accurate planning of both channel-specific and shared inventory
  • Synchronization of execution with financial goals


  • Increased margins and inventory productivity
  • Alignment of inventory with pre- and-in trade customer demand across channels