JDA Merchandise Management System

JDA Software enables operational excellence with world-class JDA Merchandise Management System (MMS®). Based on more than 25 years of merchandising best practices, JDA Merchandise Management System is the world’s leading host transaction solution for the IBM iSeries environment. More than 360 retailers in 60 countries rely on JDA Merchandise Management System to drive sales, margins and cash flow by getting the right products at the right price to the right place at the right time. The solution’s scalable architecture enables a speed-to-value implementation while ensuring data integrity and streamlined business management.

Robinsons Supermarket – JDA Real Results

A focus on health and wellness means Robinsons Supermarket is always finding ways to meet customers’ expectations – quickly and efficiently. Learn how Robinsons Supermarket analyzes customer data to improve their strategies, streamline operations and make sure customers find the right products on the shelves, at the right prices, right on time.

Improve Margins with Better Understanding of True Product Costs

Optimize Your Inventory Investment Across Channels

Deliver a Seamless Shopping Experience

Real Results

Key JDA Merchandise Management System Capabilities

All Retailing


  • Scales to process millions of transactions per hour and enables a modular implementation for prioritized capabilities
  • Facilitates exception management linked to key performance indicators
  • Supports push/pull replenishment and perpetual inventory by user-defined units of measure

Softlines Retailing


  • Manages purchasing and enables buyers to optimize open-to-buy while streamlining allocations and markdowns
  • Features user-defined attributes at product hierarchy or style level
  • Supports ordering off of a style grid or by style pre-packs
  • Financial management
  • Supports retail and cost methods of accounting and delivers accurate and completely auditable financial control
  • Automatically interfaces inventory to general ledger to produce journal entries from merchandise transactions

International Retailing


  • Supports multiple concurrent languages, universal standards and local requirements
  • Handles currency-specific transactions taxation

Warehouse Management


  • Plans, manages and tracks merchandise storage and flow across warehouses and distribution centers
  • Supports paper- or real-time radio frequency based communications
  • Supports vendor-to-store, distribution center-to-store, flow- through and cross- dock distribution

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