JDA Intelligent Fulfillment

Making intelligent and profitable distribution decisions is critical to business success in today’s multi-channel world. By taking real-world execution constraints into account, JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment solution supports iterative planning and execution. The end result: reduced inventory levels and costs, improved customer service, and more agile, profitable and responsive operations. With help from JDA, solving your inventory planning, replenishment and order fulfillment challenges has never been easier.

Benefits of JDA Intelligent Fulfillment

Make intelligent and profitable distribution decisions

Create demand and replenishment plans

Agilely react to events and disruptions

Reduce inventory, labor and transportation costs

Leverage cloud deployment for optimal agility, visibility, consistency and return on investment

JDA Intelligent
Fulfillment Solution

JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment solution offers an integrated set of cloud-based, best-of-breed supply chain planning and execution solutions that holistically and iteratively solve inventory planning, replenishment and order fulfillment challenges. This enables intelligent and profitable distribution decision-making that reduces inventory levels and costs, improves customer service through superior product availability and faster throughput, and creates more agile, profitable and responsive operations.

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse represents an enormous cost center, yet it’s also one of your key strategic assets — because it’s where customer promises are fulfilled. The secret to warehouse success? Delivering consistently high service and low costs, no matter what challenges today’s multi-channel marketplace brings. JDA Warehouse Management skillfully handles real-world disruptions to drive improved performance and predictable results. As conditions change, your warehouse will sense these shifts in real time — and respond profitably.


  • Visibility across channels, geographies, suppliers and locations
  • Dynamic workflows that reflect the way your company really works
  • Responsiveness to demand shifts and other unexpected events


  • Increased availability and service levels
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Higher throughput, with fewer resources
  • Enhanced agility across multiple channels

Transportation Management System

On the road to profitability, transportation costs can represent a roadblock. As you race to deliver products and satisfy customers, you may be planning ineffective routes, running less-than-capacity loads, expediting shipments or making other costly mistakes that erode your margins. It’s time to put the JDA Transportation Management System (TMS) in the driver’s seat. This powerful transportation management software solution creates sustainable value by synchronizing all your critical transportation processes — delivering both optimal cost control and excellent service.


  • BBalances costs and constraints with service goals
  • Provides advanced fleet management software
  • Supports the transportation lifecycle, from order management through delivery
  • Enables operationally feasible planning, for reliable network performance


  • Improved customer satisfaction and service
  • Decreased transportation and direct warehouse labor costs
  • Enhanced agility and operational efficiencies
  • Increased planner productivity


Adaptable manufacturing means flexibly positioning your supply chain to fulfill volatile market demand. Of course, the first step in fulfillment is creating an accurate forecast that’s shared across the organization. That’s where JDA Demand comes in. This powerful solution helps you develop a collaborative forecast that effectively predicts and shapes demand across a product’s complete lifecycle. By segmenting orders by product, geography and channel, JDA Demand allows you to apply your resources strategically and profitably.


  • Supports end-to-end supply chain visibility and control
  • Replenishes and optimizes inventory throughout the distribution network
  • Aligns every fulfillment activity with demand— from procurement through transportation and distribution


  • Increased customer service and satisfaction
  • Improved margins via cost control
  • Enhanced planner productivity
  • Higher product availability


In today’s volatile, multi-channel environment, most manufacturers are challenged to fulfill demand profitably. But it’s simple, right? Just position the right inventory in the right place at the right time. If that doesn’t sound so simple, then you need JDA Fulfillment. By leveraging real-time demand signals and forward-looking market forecasts, this solution helps you create an accurate, time-phased inventory plan. You’ll deliver superior service, while also controlling your costs.


  • Rapid plan production via best-practice workflows
  • Ability to define aisle layouts in 3D
  • Supports the production of multiple plans concurrently
  • Factual basis for rationalizing space and building retailer trust


  • Increased alignment of aisle layouts with consumer preferences
  • Improved planning productivity
  • Higher sales, profits and inventory return