JDA Category Management

If you’ve set your sights on becoming a category captain, look no further. With JDA’s Category Management solution, driving category sales and margins has never been easier. Manufacturers can now collaborate with retailers to create localized assortments and planograms for store-level execution. By leveraging analytics-driven insights about shopper behaviors at the macro and local market level, you’ll be able to develop localized, actionable assortment plans for more profitable growth.

The JDA Category Management Solution enables you to:

Achieve and exceed sales plans at the store level

Satisfy customer shopping experiences with targeted assortment

Maximize scale and planner productivity through automation

Support execution and compliance with mobility

The industry’s most widely used space and category management solutions, JDA’s Category Management delivers end-to-end capabilities and the tools needed to connect the entire category management process, supporting all stages of category management.

  • Capture and manage high volumes of shopper data from various sources
  • Analyze data and generate insights about shopper behaviors at macro and local markets
  • Develop localized, actionable assortment plans based on the insights
  • Leverage mobility to enable:
    • Collaboration on assortments and planograms for store-level execution
    • Performance monitoring and feedback

Assortment Optimization

Demonstrate category leadership by maximizing the accuracy of your product mix, every day and in every store


  • Transferable demand and decision trees lead to fact- based decisions
  • Extremely visual process for easy assortment definition
  • Industry’s only space-aware solution for optimizing allocated space


  • More targeted assortments, leading to higher revenues and margins
  • Greater inventory precision and lower costs
  • Increased consumer satisfaction and loyalty

Category Knowledge Base

Leverage your high volume of data as a strategic asset – and transform information into actionable plans.


  • Broad, on-demand access to critical data
  • Supports responsiveness to changing market dynamics
  • Enterprise-wide synchronization and tracking of data and processes


  • Improved data access, consistency and integrity
  • Enhanced staff productivity via elimination of manual tasks
  • Higher margins and customer satisfaction

Channel Clustering

Emerge as a hero to your retail partners – by creating localized plans and assortments that drive growth


  • Ability to segment stores according to consumer preferences, trade area and other attributes
  • Support for regional assortments and merchandising
  • Instant credibility based on consumer insights


  • Increased revenues due to consumer centricity and merchandising precision
  • Enhanced shopper satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business
  • Decreased inventory costs

Floor Planning

Optimize your aisle management capabilities – and position your company as a valued partner to retail customers


  • Rapid plan production via best-practice workflows
  • Ability to define aisle layouts in 3D
  • Supports the production of multiple plans concurrently
  • Factual basis for rationalizing space and building retailer trust


  • Increased alignment of aisle layouts with consumer preferences
  • Improved planning productivity
  • Higher sales, profits and inventory return

Planogram Generator

Automate the high-volume production of retail planograms, freeing your staff to focus on strategic issues


  • Available in enterprise and single-user versions
  • Defined merchandising rules and assortments optimize space productivity
  • Fastest production rate in the industry


  • Revenue-generating planograms that cater to local consumers
  • Improved staff productivity, agility and flexibility
  • Greater responsiveness to market trends
  • Increased profitability from available space

Space Planning

Create profitable space plans that are built for success – because they’re based on real- world consumer needs and behaviors.


  • Easy access to store fixture data
  • Visual displays and intuitive analytics
  • Fast, streamlined planogram creation via best-practice workflows


  • Higher sales, profits and inventory return
  • Improved shopper satisfaction, loyalty and repeat sales
  • Decreased inventory costs
  • Greater staff productivity and strategic value