JDA Category Management

If you’ve set your sights on becoming a category captain, look no further. With JDA’s Category Management solution, driving category sales and margins has never been easier. Manufacturers can now collaborate with retailers to create localized assortments and planograms for store-level execution. By leveraging analytics-driven insights about shopper behaviors at the macro and local market level, you’ll be able to develop localized, actionable assortment plans for more profitable growth.

The industry’s most widely used space and category management solutions, JDA’s Category Management delivers end-to-end capabilities and the tools needed to connect the entire category management process, supporting all stages of category management.

  • Capture and manage high volumes of shopper data from various sources
  • Analyze data and generate insights about shopper behaviors at macro and local markets
  • Develop localized, actionable assortment plans based on the insights
  • Leverage mobility to enable:
    • Collaboration on assortments and planograms for store-level execution
    • Performance monitoring and feedback